Majora's Tales
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Majora Lore

Elemental Chaos

As the fledgling city of Majora takes its first steps toward establishing a safe haven for its citizens and adventurers, there is one problem they face. One which directly impacts the lives and wellbeing of those who survived the Great Cataclysm: the Elemental Chaos.

In the aftermath f the shockwave of magic, there was not only rifts that opened up, but the elements became charged. The balance and order of nature disrupted. The Elementals have become chaotic and charged. This has had a drastic affect upon the weather, making it neigh impossible to reclaim agriculture as one day you could be under a sweltering heat, and the next... a blizzard.

After much debate, it has been agreed upon that those called to the life of an adventurer would trek out beyond the safety of Majora to bring balance back to the elementals, and thus to their world.