Majora's Tales
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Rules of Majora's Tales

General Rules

This server prides itself on being an opening and welcoming environment for all players 18 and higher. This server is meant to be a community of people who want to play DnD together, RP together, and work together to make the server the best it can be. That said, the staff is always open to suggestions and criticisms on how it should be run as well as any issues that might arise. The staff is here for the players, regardless of the issue or who it is with. Community comes first.

01) Every channel contains Pinned Messages that are Vital to understanding how the server works. Please read them, and if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask in suggestions-and-questions

02) All Games are done in Roll20. You can find the link to a DM's Roll20 in game-links.

03) You are required to be in voice chat for the game. We understand stuff happens and you need to step away, but don't disrupt the game in doing so.

04) All players should arrive at least 5 minutes early to the game's start time for sheet to be assigned, and precasts to be done.

05) If it is the scheduled time to start and you have not arrived for the game, your spot is forfeit. DM's will post in game-signups that they need more people, and people can sign up as if it was an Impromptu Game. Specifics on Impromptu games are located in game-signups Pinned Messages.

06) Players are always allowed to leave the game if IRL issues come up. A player that leaves a game forfeits all EXP and Gold, and are safely transported to the tavern. If the party completes the mission without the player, they will receive 1.5x more EXP and Gold, while if they fail, they only receive the normal amount for winning. Any character death that occurs as a result of a player leaving can be freely resurrected. If you frequently leave games, a member of staff will reach out.

However, we have general rules that are nonnegotiable:

07) PvP must be Consensual between both players

08) We do not allow RP with children or kids. If your PCs have children, they must stay out of public channels and avoid sexual themes. If they are brought out in public, they must be put in a private thread with whomever you are RPing with. We do not take Pedophilia lightly.

09) We do not allow harassment of any kind, and discriminatory language and practices will be met with consequences. This doesn't mean you can't stick around your friends and favorite people in the community, but it does mean any derogatory actions will not be tolerated.

10) We do not allow players to shame or comment on other player's playstyles. This is a game - have fun. You can still offer advice on how to make characters mechanically better, but if the person isn't interested, they just aren't interested.

11) We do not condone cheating or lying. It's a game. If you feel the need to lie about what your character has and can do, you should find another game to play or stick to text-based RP. Consequences for cheating are more severe.

12) We do not RP triggering topics in public channels. If your RP may end up triggering or offensive to other players OOC, then keep the RP in Private Housing Channels found in 'stellas-real-estate' or use Private Threads.We don't believe in censorship, but we do believe in a safe community. There is a right way to RP sensitive topics without hurting others.